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Cool down with Ergodyne

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Ergodyne Chill-Its take users into a refreshing world where cooling and comfort come together. Designed specifically to protect them from heat and excessive sweating, these innovative products provide relief during activities in (very) hot conditions.

Why choose Chill-Its? Because it enables you to meet your customers' needs even better, especially in environments where heat is a challenge. It allows them to stand out from competitors and offer a valuable solution to the problem of heat.

Don't hesitate any longer and benefit from Ergodyne as a reliable and reputable brand.



Featured products


Ergodyne Cooling Hat

Protect yourself from the sun and stay cool with our cooling hat.

€ 16,55

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Ergodyne Cooling vest

Keep your body temperature under control with our comfortable cooling vest.

€ 49,65

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Ergodyne cooling bandana

Cool yourself on hot days with this trendy cooling-bandana.

Vanaf: € 2,55

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Cool down your summer work with the icy power of Ergodyne's Cool Products! Cool down and stay comfortable with the cooling hat, cooling vest and cooling bandana. Take advantage of delivery from stock now and beat the heat in style!



Ergodyne Cooling Scarf

Portable cooling scarf for instant relief on hot days. Keeps you cool and comfortable.

€ 4,25

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Ergodyne Cooling Towel

A versatile accessory for quick cooling. Ideal for sports, travel and outdoor activities.

€ 8,35

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Ergodyne Zipped Cooling Vest

A stylish zipped vest that keeps you cool during intense working conditions in the heat.

Vanaf: € 40,85

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